Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Papassini Sardi

Ahhh... the annual papassini project...

We missed this last year as we were busy with the wedding stuff.  And I blogged about the process in detail  when we made the last batch here.  Wow, was that really in 2007?

Actually, this time Stefano and his mum did most of the work.  He had taken the day off to go skiing and by the time I arrived by train from Milan on Friday night, the papassini were already baking in the oven.  He smelt yummy, like vanilla and anise when he came to pick me up from the station.  

But I got to help out with, in my opinion, the best part.  The sugar glaze topping. 


What's not to love about the shiny and creamy sugary topping?  I had to hold myself back from licking clean the entire bowl of leftover glaze.


And the colorful dragees are just wonderful.


1 comment:

Dario said...

papassini ... the name is too funny ... if they are as good as funny ... yummi ...

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