Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teatro Greco, Siracusa, Sicily

The next day was Sunday, my second and last full day in Sicily.  We didn't think we'd actually have been able to see so much the day before, but we did and we were playing it by ear and going at a leisurely pace.  So after breakfast (they make a mean cappuccino at the hotel, mmm) we decided to drive south to visit Siracusa.

With the completion of the brand spanking new highway connecting Catania and Siracusa, it took only a little over an hour to get there.  Our first stop, the Greek Theatre just outside the town center.  If you visit, do not ignore the signs to buy tickets at the bus station across the street, even if you do not see anyone collecting tickets at the entrance to the archaelogical park.  They ask for your ticket inside by the Greek Theatre, at which point you have to walk all the way back out and across the street to buy your entry ticket.  It escapes logic why they don't sell the tickets by the theater, and we weren't the only ones who made this mistake.    

Anyway, the theater is one of the largest of its kind.  Cut directly into the rock, it is still in use even today for plays performed in the summer.


From the top you can catch a glimpse of the sparkling blue bay in the distance.


We also visited the Anfiteatro Romano of Roman Amphitheater located near the main entrance to the park.  It's a little more overgrown and unkempt but worth a look just the same.



dai said...

Wow, you're so lucky to visit all these awesome places.

lsheryl said...

There are many pros and cons to living here. The idea of living in Italy is much more romantic than the actual reality. I try to make the best of what of the pros. :-)

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