Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bar Turrisi, Castelmola

*Warning - this post may contain some graphical content of sensitive nature.  Proceed at your own risk.   

S discovered Bar Turrisi during his last trip to Catania, 10 years ago.  The town of Castelmola is small and the bar just off of Piazza Duomo is hard to miss.

From the outside it looks like a regular bar.  But as soon as you step inside, the theme is apparent.  Can you guess what it is?

All three floors were filled with an eclectic array of antiques, all following the theme of course.  It was a little hard to ignore while I looked the menu over.


It is depicted in an exaggerated manner on everything from the table lamps to the chairs and the bathroom faucets.


This is probably not the place for you if you're one to be easily offended. 


But if you're up for some good laughs, this is definitely a unique spot and a must-do if you're ever in the area.  They serve appetizers, pizza, pasta, paninos, alcoholic beverages and of course coffee.


We had a coffee and a granita and it was pretty good.  :-)


YL said...

As soon as I read the warning at the beginning of the post, I knew this was going to be something good! how funny. Sicily looks cool!

Dario said...

but did Steffo warn you before entering or ... a surprise ? Sicily is not only a Mafia land ... ;-)

lsheryl said...

He did try to describe it but it was nothing like seeing it for myself. It's a funny place for sure!

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