Monday, February 8, 2010

Aci Castello and Acireale, Sicily

After fueling ourselves up, we continued walking around downtown Catania and then decided to drive up the coast north of Catania.  Along the road, we passed by more oranges and other produce being sold off the back of trucks.


We passed the Ognina area, where S used to stay when he came for work ten years ago.  Soon we arrived in Aci Castello.  (Isn't it a funny sounding name?  Like... ahhhh chooo! ...castello).

What's there to see here?  Well, the Castello di Aci was hard to miss. 


It's perched high up on a rocky outcropping.  Luckily it was closed, so I didn't have to walk up to the top.  I was feeling rather lethargic from lunch and the early morning.  As we got closer, we could see how the castle forms a really sharp edge on one side.  Makes it that much harder for intruders, I suppose.


Back in the car we continued our way past Aci Trezza and end up in Acireale.  This seemingly normal town in fact is home to a pretty grand-looking cathedral.


At right next to it is the Piazza del Duomo with more beautiful looking buildings. 


It was early afternoon and rather dead while we were there.  I imagine the piazza would come alive later on with the locals taking part in their ritual passagiata or 'little walk'.

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