Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going to the Market in Catania

I had heard of Catania's markets and wanted to see it.  Only S had never been and we didn't have a map.  So just outside the duomo, S spotted an older couple with shopping bags and stopped them to ask about the market.  They were locals and were really friendly, proudly telling us about their city and the sights to see.

Turns out the market was just around the corner from the piazza.  And around that corner, behind the Fontana dell' Amenano, there was a whole different scene.

It was alive with people, the many stalls, the colorful chaos of the fishmongers who were definitely not shy about shouting out their catch of the day.

It sure doesn't get any fresher than this.  Shrimp, octopus, squid, sea urchin, and countless varieties of fish and shellfish were being sold.

And the prices were so reasonable.  We saw big fresh shrimp that were going for 20euros/kg, while in Milan would surely have been twice the price. 

Look at the giant swordfish that is widely used in Sicilian cooking.

The fish market definitely reminded me of the markets in Asia.  Wet floors, slightky stinky, chaotic.

One does not live on fish alone so there were also the macellerie or the butchers. 

They sure have no qualms about displaying their wares 'whole'.

The sign says 'castrato' or castrated.  We had no idea what meat exactly they were selling.  There were many stores selling meat and the butchers were hard at work cutting and slicing the meat in clear view.

This guy was churning out fresh sausages.

Business was good and there were throngs of people lining up and getting their orders.  Um... 'cavallo' or horse meat anyone?


And further on, the ortolani or vegetable vendors.  The selection of vegetables were bountiful.


I was in awe of these cavoli or cauliflower.  I've never seen the purple variety.  I was so tempted to buy one to try but these things were huge and they would've taken up too much luggage space. 

I wonder what they taste like?

By now our tummies were rumbling and we went off in search of food.  More on my weekend in Sicily coming up!

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