Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Trullis of Alberobello

The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and walked over to check out the beach at our hotel. Not bad at all. Best of all, it was warm and sunny at 20C or 68F compared to the freezing temperatures in Milano.

M joined us and we set off on our agenda of the day. Destination: Alberello, the home of the trulli.

As we got closer I started getting excited: I could see the white roofs of the trullis dotting the landscape.

And in the town of Alberobello itself, the trullis looked like part of a fairy tale.

The cone-shaped stone homes were originally built with any cement or mortar.

Apparently when inspectors were in the area the homes would be disassembled in order to avoid taxation.

Many of the trullis remain inhabited even today. I took a peek into one of the trullos that had been restored and converted into a bed and breakfast. Very cute. It would definitely be a fun place to stay another time.

And if you want, you could even buy your own little trullo.

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