Saturday, January 16, 2010

Buon Weekend!

Wow, the week just flew by. Work kept my days long and busy. And then there was our tree that had to go back for recycling, which was the only reason we could be found wandering the aisles of Ikea on a Monday night. But we made it in and out in record time. We were home by 9pm. Phew!

Then on Wednesday night we had some family and friends over for dinner. F lives and works in Milan, but is home in the valley most weekends. He lives just upstairs from Stef, and when we were there last weekend, he mentioned he'd never even been to our home in Milan. So we said, come on over this Wednesday! We also invited our friends D and N to join us.

We had the Calabrian spreads that we bought at the Fiera in Dec, pasta with smoked salmon, and artichoke pastry, all washed down with the red and white wines that N and F brought.

And to finish off the night, these gelato dessert cups that D brought. They tasted as good as they looked. Stefo also pulled out his latest batch of limoncello and limoncello cream.

Nothing like good food and good company to make the week go by even faster.

We're back in the mountains for the weekend. Tomorrow will be my first time downhill skiing in the Italian Alps. I hope to keep my klutziness to a minimum. Let's not even talk about me running smack into a door while going to the kitchen for water in the night. Yes, it looked like I got beat up, no thanks to the swollen lip.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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