Sunday, January 10, 2010

Santo Spirito, Puglia

After the festivities the night before, we woke up and had a leisure breakfast at the hotel before driving over to Santo Spirito, a town just a few minutes away from where we were staying. Santo Spirito is a fishing village, and there were a number of colorful fishing boats in the harbor.

The first day of the new year was another beautiful and sunny day in Puglia. We walked to the main piazza where there were many locals enjoying the day.

We knew that this was the hometown of one of our coworkers, R, and that he was home for the holidays. Stef decided to surprise him and gave him a call. He was surprised alright and it took him only a few minutes for him to leave his house to join us.

We also got to meet his dad. His father is a fisherman and happened to be nearby in the piazza. He was smartly dressed in his Sunday best, in a suit, tie and hat, as were the other gentlemen meeting in the piazza.

It was really nice seeing R in his own hometown.

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