Monday, January 4, 2010

Milan -> Forli -> Bologna -> Forli -> Bari

It was the morning of the 30th, and S had gotten up early to do an oil change before the start of our big road trip. We left slightly after ten, excited and in high spirits.

Our planned lunch stop was Forli, a three hour drive away. We were getting out of the car when D realized his wallet was missing. Was it lost or left at home? What ensued would surely be a tale to be retold for years to come.

Lunch at Trattoria Petito was amazing by the way. It was the warmest little trattoria. My pasta dish of parpadelle with faraona or guinea fowl was so tasty, and I can't say I'm a fan of fowl in general. The guys ordered the cappelletti in brodo or 'small hats' in broth, which is a meat-filled pasta similar to ravioli but smaller, native to the Emilia Romagna region that we were in.

Oh, and they served coffee with hazelnut mousse and a cookie too. A very nice touch.

D decided he had to turn back to find out for sure the fate of his portafolio or wallet. The I-phones were whipped out to find the best solution. We decided to drop him off at the Forli station to take a train back to Milan. We also found flights that he could take early the next morning to Bari. Perfect! Only when we got to the station, it turns out the trains have been cancelled due to a sciopero or strike. Not surprising at all. The next alternative was to hightail it over to Bologna, to catch the high speed Frecia Rossa train. Only we had to backtrack one hour the other way.

In the end, our route went something like this:


While D's looked like this:


Amazingly, he actually ended up recovering his wallet at home, finding an evening flight from Malpensa and then arriving in Bari 10 minutes before us! Our welcome party in Bari presented him with a silver cup to commemorate his achievement. And after all that traveling, an estimated 1028 km or 638 miles of driving for S, we still managed to go out for dinner and visit downtown Bari before calling it a day.

Welcome to Bari!


Dario said...

Phewwww ... the trip to Bari has been very hard but I did it ! and what is more on time ( well I got there even earlier ... ) Sheryl you're so nice , on the way back to Bologna always laughing and smiling and saying " what's the problem ? we go now to Milan and then back again tomorrow early in the morning ... " Steffo amazing driver ... I am sometime wondering why I could not drive as well ...

Stefano said...

let's do that -- again !!!!

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