Monday, January 11, 2010

Giovinazzo, Puglia

We still had a little time to kill before heading over to M's house for lunch. Yes, we were invited to eat with the family again. So we decided to drive to the next seaside town nearby called Giovinazzo.

We were quite impressed. All the locals spoke highly of this town and rightly so.

We wandered around the historical part of town that was beautiful and very well restored.

I loved the green shutters on many of the buildings.

I wondered how they got all the residents to agree to paint their shutters green. I guessed, free green paint? I mean, we can't even get our apartment complex to agree on installing road bumps, not to mention a whole town.

I was quite amazed with how clean it was in all the towns we had visited in the region thus far. I had expected different, but I suppose I've been influenced by the preconceptions of the Italians from the north.


Dario said...

I want the PUGLIA climate !

dai said...

What a beautiful city.

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