Saturday, April 5, 2008

Put On Your Dancing Shoes...

What a fun Friday night with the girls. Tonight, Gly, Paola and I met at El Torito's for some food and drinks before heading over to Starlite, for some salsa fun. The happy hour at El Torito's was alot better than I remembered. The food was good; we had a appetizer sampler plate that was really huge and some beef quesadillas. Way too much food for the three of us, and for less than $10 each including yummy margaritas. Our waiter was also very nice and friendly. We left just as the karaoke session was starting up. Next time, we vowed!

The Starlite ballroom was nicer than I expected. The hour-long lesson just flew by and I was left with a taste of some salsa steps. Then the dance party started and I got caught up in a couple dances that was just so much fun. I find it hard to say no. :) It was a pretty good and balanced crowd; young and old, males and females. I really liked how many of the guys were more mature and very good dancers... it just makes it alot easier for a beginner. There were no shortage of people to dance with, and we didn't feel like we were getting hit on at all. These people were here to dance because they love to dance!

And I loved watching the good dancers. There's just something about dancing that just mesmerizes me. Maybe it's seeing how well people can move their bodies to the music, which for me doesn't come so naturally. I'd be happy to be just proficient enough to have fun doing it.

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