Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guitar Hero/Rock Band Craze

Did you see this 12-year-old kid on the Ellen show? He's insane! I can barely manage the 'Easy'.

Andy recently got the Rock Band game and we all went over on Sunday night to jam. But first we had a great dinner of grilled meat and vegetable kebabs by Long. The game is addictive! It makes you think you have some kind of musical talent. hahaha. It's pretty similar to Guitar Hero except Rock Band is made up of a drummer, guitar player and singer (and some optional groupies, hehe). It was a fun and relaxing way to spend the evening with friends. I like the music and there was no shooting involved.

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Technospaz said...

Hey Leng,

Good post - I'm not a GH fan (I suck at it) but am inspired to do better thanks to the vid. Wow!!


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