Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's Up Doc?

So today I made it to the doctor's office for the first time here.

The nice thing was that it was exactly 2 minutes drive from our home. And the visit was free. I didn't spend a dime.

S accompanied me since this was my first time. We rang the door bell, was buzzed inside, and found ourselves in an empty waiting room. After a couple minutes, the doctor opens the door to his visiting room and beckons us inside. He entered my details into a computer and asked a couple questions such as any major illness, medications, allergies, etc. No receptionist, nurse or any other staff that I could see.

We tell him about my persistent cough and then I hear him say, "spogliarsi", which literally means undress. I was a little taken aback. What? Here? Right now? And what exactly do I have to take off? Yeah, it was a rather awkward and embarrassing moment. I was used to the privacy curtain, gown, etc... I mean, I was still sitting on the chair in front of his desk. And anyway, don't they usually just stick the stethoscope under your shirt and that's that?

Anyway, long story short, I'm there with my top off, while S and the doc start chatting about the differences between the American and Italian medical systems. I cleared my throat a couple times. Hello, it's starting to get a little chilly over here. :-o

He does his stethoscope thing, looks down my throat, some more chit chat and finally then I'm out the door with a printed prescription for antibiotics from the doc. It was ok but I can't say I like visiting the doctor. Hopefully my cough will go away real quick!

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