Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Road Again

We're off on a road trip! It's been awhile since the last road trip but we decided on our destination today. We're driving down to Bari in the Puglia region to ring in the new year with some friends there.

At first I balked at the distance. It just seemed so far. But a quick google search showed that it's only an 8 hour drive and closer than the Bay Area - Las Vegas route that I've done countless times. Alright then!

We leave tomorrow morning and will be back after the new year. Hope you have a fun and safe New Year!



Anonymous said...

Boot :)

Dario said...

Phew ... what a long trip it was ... but very cool W LA PUGLIA ! :-))))

leng said...

That's right, the boot!

Only 2300km done by la Focus. ;-)

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