Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PJ: Unique Seafood

We had just arrived in KL the day before and had dinner plans with two of my best friends, YF and WP. They had agreed to be our MCs for our wedding dinner (you're the best, girls!!) so we were supposed to go over the proceedings. But first, FOOD.

We hop into YF's car and she announces SEAFOOD tonight! We are thrilled! :-0 Next thing we know, we're staring at a whole wall of tanks filled with an assortment of live shrimp, fish, crabs, shellfish...

It doesn't get any fresher than this!

The guys go over to inspect dinner...

YF expertly does the ordering and soon we were digging in. Butter prawns!

Crab done two ways: salted yolk and chili, really yummy and meaty.

Then the surprise dish of the evening - snails!

Yeah, we were a little horrified but YF assured us they were yummy.

Here's WP and J playing with their food - the insides of the snails.

Actually they tasted pretty decent once you ignored the fact they were snails. We had so much food - also veggies, fried noodles and fried rice, and it was all very good. The waitress actually had to tell YF 'enough' when she was ordering.

And there was a lot of laughing. Not sure what was in the food but we were really rolling with infectious laughter that night. We didn't even have any wine, just chinese tea. The other tables were looking at us funny but heck, we were having so much fun! And somehow WP and YF managed to get the bill too (bad girls!). Oh, and we did spend about 5 whole minutes in the 'working' part of the dinner, where YF pulled out prewritten scripts from past MC-ing duties.

When can we do this again? ;-o

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Anonymous said...

I love food photos..and people having fun. May I join you next time|?

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