Monday, August 4, 2008

Way Out of My League

Early Sunday morning, and it was time to go on another hike. On the drive over, S described the day's itinerary. There was going to be 1,400 meters in elevation gain. 'Like doing Mission Peak twice,' he said. We had hiked that trail when he visited me in the Bay Area. It was still early in the morning so it didn't really register to me yet what that meant.
An hour into the into the hike, my leg muscles were burning, and I realized what that really meant. 1400 meters = 4593 feet. Noooooo, I didn't want to do Mission Peak twice!
Let's just say, I woke up the day after feeling really sore on my calves and hamstrings, and overall pretty beat up. It didn't help that on Saturday afternoon, we had gone on a 25 mile bike ride in the heat. Then we had met some friends for a pizza in Aprica and didn't get to bed till past midnight.
It was just brutal. The trail was pretty much a steep incline all the way up. And it really didn't help that there were over a dozen people passing me along the way. There was even a man that looked like he was in his sixties. Boy, are there some really fit people in the area. I felt way out of my league.
Still, I was able to appreciate the beautiful surroundings once I arrived at our destination. I most definitely was not thinking this during the hike, but I would go back again. Mostly for the challenge (I will do better next time). I'll post pictures soon.

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