Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rifugio Cristina

Today's hike was in Valmalenco, from Largone where we left the car, to Rifugio Cristina. The nice thing was that it wasn't such a long walk so we didn't have to wake up at 6am (yay). And even better, Stef's sister Valeria and brother-in-law, Marcello, joined us.

It was another beautiful day. We passed several meadows with grazing cows. Watch out for the cow patties!

And views of the surrounding mountains.

Then Rifugio Cristina came into sight, right underneath Pizzo Scalino.

We found a nice spot to lay down and have some lunch.

Admiring the view of the peaceful green meadow in front of us.

We continued on our way home, passing another rifugio, Ca' Runscach.

It was in such a pretty spot that we just had to stop to have some tea.

We each had a glass of milk, freshly milked from the cows that day. We also had some fried apple fritters, sprinkled with sugar. They were really good; must've been something about the fresh mountain air.

There was also an agriturismo, Il Cornetto, nearby. We stopped by to check it out. The dining room and kitchen looked really clean, and the people running it were friendly.

This agriturismo was pretty authentic. They had all their own farm animals: cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, even pigs. This was the first time I'd seen pigs running free.

It was a really nice day out on the mountains, with good company.


Marcello said...

It was a really beautiful day with you and Titto.
And it was very funny took a long time to look for a nice place for sleeping and then stay there for few minutes.
Thanks a lot and best wishes to Malaya and Malaysian!!!
Marcello and Valeria.

leng said...

Ciao!! Yes, it was a fun day with you both! I know... we took such a long time to search for the perfect spot to nap, and then it was time to leave!

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