Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carnivale a Venezia, Part II

Venice during Carnavale is one colorful spectacle.

I tried to capture the scene as best as I could with my tiny compact.  Well, it was definitely teeny tiny compared to the paparazzi type equipment around.  At times, I had to elbow my way in just to get a shot.  It sure left me feeling small and inadequate.

See what I mean? But it wasn't all that bad.  We wandered around soaking in the atmosphere.  Venice is always special with its canals and its ancient palazzi or palaces.

Even the masked revelers needed to stop for a break.

And so did we.  We ended up stopping at a random restaurant and having a bad meal.  We definitely need some recommendations for the next visit!

Soon it was time to head back towards the train station to catch our train back to Milan. Surprisingly, there were just as many people arriving at sundown as there were leaving. I suppose they were there for the parties that would go on long into the night. It had been a long day and we were happy to go home.

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