Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ristorante Fracia, Valtellina

Back in January our friend Daniele organized a gathering in Valtellina for the Italians who traveled with us to Malaysia for our wedding in November.  It was a chance for the group from Milan to meet up with the group from Valtellina after the trip.

Dinner was organized at Ristorante Fracia, about 10km or 6 miles after Sondrio.  The restaurant is housed in a converted farmhouse on a mountain slope surrounded by wineyards.  In the summer, there is outdoor sitting with a view of the valley below.  Inside the ambiance was warm and inviting.


For starters most of us had the salumi misti or selection of cold cuts.  If I remember correctly, S had something with la lingua or tongue (beef, I think).  It wasn't bad.

Instead of a first dish I had a second dish, filleto di manzo or beef filet that was good. 


S had the guanciale di vitello con purea di patata or cheek of veal with mashed potatoes.


M ordered the risotto with foie gras which she said was great.


Although I enjoyed my meal, I thought the real star was dessert.  There was a selection that included creme brulee, panna cotta, gelato, etc, and a pallina di cioccolato or a chocolate ball.  The waiter described a truffle filling encased in a chocolate shell and well, it just sounded intriguing.  Many of us just couldn't resist ordering it.  The pallina arrived resting on a cachi or persimmon sauce.


It looked like a Kinder Surprise for adults.  But wait, that wasn't all.  The waiter then came round with a sauce or gravy boat filled with warm chocolate sauce.  As soon as he spooned the warm sauce over, the ball would immediately start melting revealing the dark chocolate truffle filling. 


It was a luscious chocolate dessert.  Needless to say, I licked my bowl clean. 

Ristorante Fracia
Teglio (Sondrio)

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