Wednesday, March 3, 2010

La Cambusa Del Capitano, Acitrezza, Sicily

This was the restaurant we ended up eating at our first night in Catania.  It was one that S had been to before, dieci anni fa (ten years ago) and it had been decent.

Only perhaps his tastes have changed since, or that the kitchen had deteriorated...

Anyway, in case you think that we always eat well whenever we go out, or that all restaurants here serve good food...

This is an example of when that is certainly not the case.

Our order of la pepate di cozze or mussels with pepper was a dissapointment.  The mussels were fresh but the broth or lack of was not that great.

We also ordered a serving of involtini di pesce spada or swordfish rolls, a Sicilian specialty.  The rolls were tiny, and came swimming in a dish of oil.  It certainly did not taste fresh, or barely even like fish for that matter.

We both ordered pasta.  I had a seafood spaghetti, and the pasta turned out to be non cotto or undercooked.  If there's one thing that makes a pasta dish inedible, it's the raw taste of undercooked pasta.  This was the first time this has ever happened to me, and as much as I tried I could not eat it.

S's pasta nero di seppia or pasta with squid ink was also slightly undercooked.

We certainly didn't stick around for dessert.  The last straw was the bill which was definitely not cheap even by Milan standards.  I had such high hopes for a good Sicilian seafood meal.  We should've been tipped off by the fact that the restaurant was practically empty on a Saturday night.

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dai said...

yet, the restaurant's still in business for all these years...

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