Monday, November 30, 2009

KL Pavilion: Ministry of Food

So it's over a week since we got back from our Malaysia trip. I have a ton of photos that are trapped in my camera. They're dying to get out but I'm too lazy to do anything about it. But I found some photos taken by my dear friend L.

This is a dinner we had together at MOF before going back to the Westin for our little party. The food was billed at fusion asian, if I remember correctly. We had this claypot rice dish that was very good. I was scraping off the crunchy bits at the bottom. The paku-pakis veggie dish was good too. We also had a porridge that was decent. Tea was served in these teeny cups and required pouring water over the tea leaves into another pot... it wasn't that practical for a bigger group but L knew what she was doing. I don't recall what else we had but we left satisfied.

For dessert we stopped at J&Co donuts nearby. Huge variety of donuts in different flavored icing covering and fillings. We had a selection to share. Stefo got hooked and wouldn't stop asking for them after that.

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