Thursday, November 5, 2009

White Truffle Lunch

Yesterday we had a lunch fit for a king. Our colleague and friend, A, had generously offered to share with us some white truffles found by his dad. His father lives in the countryside outside the town of Pavia, and with the help of his trained truffle-sniffing dogs, hunts down these prized gems during his free time.

It's white winter truffle season and prices can go easily for something like 2500 euros/kg. Wow, these fungi sure comes with a hefty price tag.

As soon as A opened the glass jar that held them, a strong fragrance or odor, depending who you ask, filled the air. Apparently the highly aromatic smell can even penetrate eggs stored next to them and change their taste.

Truthfully, it reminds me slightly of the smell of durian.

We had it shaved paper thin over a plates of fresh egg pasta. The taste was very delicate, compared to the aroma.

With a glass of good red wine, not bad for a workday lunch. Yum, we could get used to this. Thanks, A!

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