Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hi! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday. I haven't been blogging much as we've been busy with the holidays and the move. And of course I find out it's going to take weeks to get our phone line and DSL connected.

This was a funny scene from one of our last mornings at the Abbiategrasso apartment. I looked out to find dozens of Santa's congregating just outside our window. It was the annual Santa run (I guess).

And here's a cute shot of Stef's nephews and the giant 3kg panettone that we picked up from the Galbusera outlet. The regular sized panettones are usually 1kg or less, so this totally dwarfs those. Stefo swears that these taste better because they use a different batter. Well it does taste pretty good but it's gigantic!

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