Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Home

S got the keys yesterday and I'm posting pictures for friends and family who have been wanting to know what the new home looks like. The previous owners have been great, having left the apartment in a reasonably good and clean condition.

The front door opens into an entry way.

View from the front door.

Right ahead is the kitchen. As you can see, it is just the bare walls. It was surprising to me that it is the custom here to take the entire kitchen with you when you move... even the kitchen sink.

Next is the living room. The big windows let in alot of light.

Looking back at the living area from the windows.

Next is the hallway into the night area.

The first bedroom is on the right.

Inside of this bedroom.

On the left is the first bathroom. This bathroom has a shower but no window.

Next on the right is the second bedroom.

View looking back out of the second bedroom.

Across the hallway is the second bathroom. The sink is missing at the moment.

This bathroom has a window and a bathtub.

The terrace is a good size. The kitchen, living room and first bedroom windows all open out onto the terrace.

The views outside are unobstructed. In front are the condominium gardens.

And that's the end of the tour. Here's the proud and happy guy...


shiva said...

Ooooooo me likey very much! =0) You must be busy with the move now huh?

longkn said...

nice. congrats! while looking at the bathroom, this ignant American raises furrowed eyebrows at the extra "toilets" and thinks...fancy smancy they have his&her shitters, just like his&her sinks. but genius that I am *cough*, I quickly recover and realize they are bidets. I like my idea better...ahem..."honey, can you pass me the sports section *plop plop plop*". new slogan...the family that stays together, shits together...ok. i'm going to stop now.

leng said...

Thanks, guys! Can't wait to have you come visit. Long, you're funny, but I can see how that might be 'useful'. ;-)

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Oh it's adorable! Hope you're enjoying it and 2009 so far :)

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