Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cross Country Skiing

Winter time means winter sports. And since Stef's family home is practically in the mountains, there is no escaping winter sports for me. Not that it was so bad today with the sunny day, blue skies and brilliant white snow. ;-)

Today was my first try at cross country skiing. I look like I knew what I was doing...

But that just how it looks in the picture. In reality, it was a lot harder than I expected. I was hoping my downhill skiing skills would come into play somewhere. But not really. The skiis are alot thinner so it's tougher to balance and then there's all that work when it's all flat or uphill in front of you.

But it wasn't too bad. I was slowly getting the hang of it. And the scenery was really beautiful.

I think I will be back.


shiva said...

educate me - so there's no slopes in cross country skiing? More work involved?

Where's the fun in that? :(

YL said...

hey sis, you look like you're trying hard to have fun...heh. Yeah, cross country skiing is hard -- it feels much harder to control the skis than in downhill skiing. I guess the fun is just being outdoors -- like hiking but with a lot more snow. Snow is kind of fun...if I can find a clean patch of snow in the city here, I'll try to make a snow angel this weekend :) That's my version of winter sports this year!

longkn said...

at least its a good workout eh?

is that lift ticket on your jacket for memories or do you have to pay to cross country ski goober?!

Anonymous said...

YOU WERE AMAZINGLY GOOOOOD! for the first time, I mean, and considered the country you were born (:-p

From someone who saw you there ...

leng said...

It wasn't free either! Apparently the trails are groomed. At least it's cheap - only 5 euro for the day.

YL, I so wanted to make a snow angel but everyone was already looking at me weird as it was... next time!

What, who says us tropical types can't do winter sports?! ;-)

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