Friday, April 28, 2006

Personal Loans to Entrepreneurs in Need

We had an interesting visitor to our BUS202 class today. Matt Flannery, one of the founders of Kiva, an organization that lets you loan money to individual small entrepreneurs in African and other third world countries.
It's a great concept... with as little as $25, you can choose an entrepreneur that you want to help fund. These are people living in real proverty, who have to choose between medication for a sick child, or feeding their family for a week. Here, that $25 will go a long ways towards helping them improve their standard of living dramatically. Every penny of your money will go towards the loan and at the end of the loan period you will get your money back and you can then choose the next entrepreneur you want to back. In between, you'll get monthly email updates on the business' progress and results.
I think it's really cool being able to help a real person help himself.
Check out the website...

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