Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where to Eat Good Steak in Milan

Specifically, the fiorentina or the Florentine-style steak. 

This restaurant grills up some of the best fiorentina steaks we've tasted and lucky for us, it is right in our own backyard in Milan.  Incredibly, we found the steak here better than a fiorentina we once had in a well-known restaurant in the heart of Tuscany (maybe we were there on a bad day, who knows).

This was my second visit and my friend P from California was in town.  I had boasted about the steak in Italy, how it tasted like real beef, and he wanted to taste it for himself.  I had no objections at all.  It was a great reason to revisit this spot.  We started out with two appetizers for sharing.  A plate of carciofi or artichokes and puntarelle or chicory.  The carciofi were sliced thinly and served with parmagiano reggiano shavings.  The puntarelle salad were also thinly sliced and tossed in olive oil.  Both were simple but good.  We cleaned the plates accompanied with their house-made foccacia.

We were sipping a fantastic red wine, a Voerzio Barbera, from the region of Piemonte.  It was a perfect match for the steak that was to come.  We ordered the fiorentina for two, and tagliata, which from the Italian word tagliare, literally means 'carved' or 'cut.' The meat is cut into thin slices, and drizzled with olive oil.

The fiorentina definitely lived up to its hype.  It was perfectly grilled, very flavorful, juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender. Our friend declared it 'the best steak he's ever had'.  It was exactly how I remembered it.  I like how that although it looks very rare and red, there's hardly any blood drippings when you cut into it. 


The rest of the world calls the fiorentina T-bone or porterhouse, and that has always been one of my favorite cuts back in the States.  But here the difference is really in the flavor and texture.  It must be the Italian grass and sunshine.

We also had a couple sides to go with the meat.  A big bowl of house-made potato chips, cannelli beans, and a plate of grilled vegetables.

 We were all smiles after the meal.  The food and the company was truly enjoyable.

And amazingly, the price is affordable too.  Our meal, with two shared appetizers, three side dishes and three steak orders, a nice bottle of wine, without dessert, came out to be about 35 euro each.  An excellent value for money in this town.

La Bistecca
Via Aureolo Filippo Paracelso, 5
20129 Milano (MI)
Tel: 0220240347

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The best steaks are in milan. They use real chiannina beef unlike many in tuscany. I could not believe how good the steaks are in milan. I ate at la isola dei sapori and it was unreal.

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