Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Val de Aosta

All my American friends were having Memorial Day bbq galores and I had been lamenting about the lack of bbq culture here in Italia. Luckily Leo and family came to the rescue by inviting us to their mountain home in Val de Aosta for a bbq. Yay!

It was a 1 hour drive from Milan and it didn't take very long before the city was long forgotten and we were driving up a quiet country road to the house. It was the cutest house with a warm and cozy interior. I could only imagine holing up inside on a snowy winter day. The bbq outside was a whole structure by itself. Little G busied herself immediately doing what sweet little girls do, picking flowers from the meadow outside. :-)

We had a variety of meats, sausages and vegetables on the grill. Everything smelled and tasted good!

After lunch we decided we take a walk. We found more beautiful views and lots more flowers to be picked. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed, played frisbee and just enjoyed the beautiful countryside.

Then we decided to visit Leo's hometown, Pont Saint-Martin. It is a cute little town with an impressive Roman bridge. The annual festival was going on and they were setting up stands selling food, drink, and a bungee jump off the bridge. Too bad none of us were brave enough to attempt it.

We had a really fun day in Val de Aosta. Thanks to our hosts, Leo, Nadia and Ginevra!

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