Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playing Tourist

During one of our conversations about our previous trip to Malaysia, Stefano had mentioned that he hadn't really seen any of the touristic spots. It didn't really occur to me that that was the case. I guess as a local, the best parts aren't necessarily the tourist sites. So I made it a point that we played tourist some of this trip.

Some of the places we visited:

- Melaka (boy, was it hot!)
- Batu Caves (lots of steps, monkeys)
- Putrajaya (thanks to Chieu Yin and Saw Kim, but what a ghost town on the weekend)
- Istana Negara (saw the tour buses lined up off the highway and pulled right over)

That's not bad, right? But we ran out of time before we could go up to the Twin Tower bridge. Well, that'll be for next time!

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