Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pangkor Laut Resort

We needed a few days vacation from our vacation. A lay-on-the-beach, no-worries, all-rest-and-relaxation kind of vacation. Time was running out and we were still undecided as to where to go! Fortunately, our dear friend Liza came to the rescue. Within 1/2 hour of seeing her, we had decided that Pangkor Laut was our destination. We had the best char kuay teow in town, then headed over to the YTL office to book our vacation.

A couple days later, we were on a boat headed over to the private island resort of Pangkor Laut. Ok, we ran into car trouble while driving over to Lumut from KL but luckily that didn't stop us. Phew.

It was everything we expected and more. The service was impeccable. We had rooms in the Hill and Garden Villas that were just beautiful. And because everything was prepaid, we didn't have to worry about extra charges. It was wonderful going to the beach or pool and not have to sign for towels - someone would come up and lay out towels on a chair along with an bucket of bottled water chilled with ice. Breakfast was a sumptous buffet spread and for lunch and dinner, we all had a choice of one appetizer, main and dessert. We definitely didn't go hungry.

We also got spa treatments for everyone. The spa came highly recommended as it was award-winning, and one of Matt's family friends had also worked on it when it was first created. The spa setting really lived up to our expectations. There was a mostly outdoor bath house experience before the massage that was really enjoyable. They kept serving us all sorts of tea. We ended the treatment in one of beachside the Malay kampung houses on stilts where you could lie down and listen to the waves. Bliss!

The three days went by too fast. I want to be back!

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