Monday, September 1, 2008

Pasticceria Berta

This pasticceria is one of Valtellina's best kept secrets. Morbegno is a town at the beginning of the Valtellina valley, one that we pass by on our frequent trips to Sondrio. Usually we drive through the town on Friday or Sunday nights. But on the days we happen to pass by on a Saturday morning when they are open, we make sure to stop by.

It's not exactly on the main street, but it's worth the extra 5 minutes to seek out. We usually pull up pretty excited. It's not every day we get paste (pastries) from Berta's.

S's family has been coming here for over 20 years. His father used to bring them home, back when the cost was only 0.3 euro/kg. Now it is 0.7 euro/kg. For the quality you get, this is a great deal. In Milan, pastries like these usually cost 1.3-1.4 euro/kg, and even then it's hard to find this kind of taste and quality.

We usually buy some to take home to his mum. Her favorite are the cannoncini's (above). These get placed on a cardboard tray and wrapped in paper and ribbon. And because we just can't wait any longer, we always get two or three to go in a little bag. These get scarfed down real quick in the car before we continue on our journey. ;-)

The pastries are always so fresh, and the cream they make is delicious and the perfect consistency. I know it's good when I savor each bite and am satisfied with even just one cream puff.

Pasticceria Berta
Via Credaro Luigi, 12
23017 Morbegno (SO)


longkn said...

hi homie! looks like you found some competition for Beard Papa's! If they are as good as they look I can imagine Andy making a trip all the way out there to grab some!

leng said...

Yeah, it's real good stuff! But Beard Papa's is good too. Hmmm... but I think I prefer the less crunchy cream puff pastry.

shiva said...

*waits for pics of the bruises*


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