Saturday, September 20, 2008

Firewood, 'legna da ardere'

This weekend we arrived back in Valtellina to find this:

This was the firewood that S' brother-in-law had chopped up from a tree on their property. Now that the hard work was done, it was our job to put it away.

It was bound to happen. All the delicious meals that S's mum cooked and that I happily partook of wasn't coming for free. Now I was going to pay. ;-)

At first it didn't look like a whole lot to me. What, that little pile over there? We had to move it and stack it up somewhere? Piece of cake, right?

Then the hard work started and I quickly changed my mind. Luckily we had his sister, Valeria, and Marcello giving us a hand. I was mostly the chief stacking engineer. I'll know how well I did in the next months/years. If the stacks of firewood start falling down then my record will be tarnished!

After about 6 hours, this was the result.

Firewood in the storage room on the ground floor:

Firewood under the walkway next to the covered parking spot:

Another stack of firewood up the stairs to the right of the house:

And finally the pile left outside to dry better before putting away:

Wow, that should be enough firewood to keep the wood stove going all winter long!

1 comment:

Stefff said...

dont' know ...

my mum heard strange sounds from the basement .... did you stack up really well ????

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