Friday, January 20, 2012

Bisco in the Oven

It's been a good what... eight months since I last posted? I guess we've been busy baking.

We have a bun... or rather, a Biscottino (gingerbread man in Italian), in the oven. I'm now home on maternity leave and we're expecting the oven to go 'ding' for done anytime now. Ready or not, Bisco will be here and a new adventure will start!


YL said...

Hello, Bisco! We can't wait to meet you. In the meantime, please tell your mama to relax, enjoy the calm before the storm and resist the instinct to control the admittedly uncontrollable future by organizing everything in sight today. Baci.

P/S:also it would be great if you could do a somersault

Chandran Vijay said...

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