Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potatoes... Patate...

This was back in August when S had to go to work harvesting potatoes from his mom's orto, or vegetable garden.

I had no idea how potatoes were even grown.  Apparently, you take the old potatoes that have sprouted (you know, the ones you've forgotten in the back of the cupboard), cut them up in chunks and throw them in the dirt.  Some weeks later, voila... potatoes!


YL said...

Cute! So what does the plant look like above ground? Quite a harvest there. How do you know when to dig them up? And what's the leafy thing in the background? Chard?
You say patate, I say potato!

lsheryl said...

It really doesn't look like much above ground... kinda like a scraggly weed. And the big leafy things in the back are the cauliflower. They were still mini-cauliflowers hidden in the middle of the leaves.

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