Monday, October 12, 2009

Where to Find Ribbon in Milan

These were the invitations we sent out. We have Yi Leng and Matt to thank for picking these out at Michaels. That was already half the job done, especially considering how I can turn into a blubbering indecisive mess in front of a wall of choices. Yi Leng actually lugged a box all the way to Copenhagen and passed them to me when we met up there.

They're actually Martha Stewart boxed invites. Not bad, right? We loved the flower cut outs and the paper quality was nice. The printing took forever because it just wouldn't line up right with the printer we were using. I think Stefano was starting to get real annoyed.

The bows were something we added. Looking for ribbons in Italy wasn't exactly an easy feat. Stefano had no clue. Ribbons?! The selection at Carrefour was paltry. There weren't any craft store superchains as far as I could tell. I searched online (again not easy since I had to search in Italian) and found the existence of the 'nastroficio' store (that's like saying 'ribbon-ery'). Wow. Finally I came upon something that looked promising. It took me a subway and tram ride, then a long walk in the sweltering heat to get there. But boy was I excited when I got there. It is a manufacturer's wholesale store with shelves of ribbon, tissue paper and paper bags. So if those are the things you're looking for, this is where to go. We also ended getting all our bomboniere supplies here.

Via C. Tacito, 6

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