Friday, April 24, 2009

Milan Design Week

What's buzzing hot in Milan this week? It's Design Week! This event is held in conjunction with Milan's Salone del Mobili, which draws scores of visitors from all over the world. There's the furniture fair that's held at the Fiera, and then there are the countless exhibitions and parties that take place all around the city.

We decided to visit Zona Tortona yesterday after class to see what was going on. I really didn't know what to expect but what we found were a crowd of cool, young, hip people visiting the scores of exhibits. The vibe was really exciting. We just wandered around looking at all interesting looking pieces of furniture, clothing, accesories, paintings... anything and everything design related. We got to meet some of the designers - everyone was really friendly and excited about their designs. You could hear different languages spoken all around. Some spots were offering cocktails to celebrate the kickoff.

M and I stumbled upon this booth where you could film a short movie of yourself. A series of shots are taken and printed out for you to stick in a little booklet to make your own flip-book action film. We did a fight scene (think fake punches!) and then one with funny faces. It was silly and fun.

Soon it was past ten and the crowd had gotten even larger. There was still alot that we missed but we were running out of steam. It was time to call it night but I'm definitely planning on going back before everything shuts down on Sunday. If you're in Milan, don't miss this.

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Dario said...

It feels like to be in Greenwich Village in NYC , Great !

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