Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lincoln Park Zoo: Cute Polar Bears

Oh, I forgot to post this video I took of the polar bears we saw at Lincoln Park Zoo. They were so lovable, showing off their swimming skills to the crowd of kids with their noses pressed up against the viewing glass.

The kids just loved 'em!


shiva said...

thats a cool video! Hard to believe something that huge can swim instead of sinking like a rock!

This reminds me..I have some otter videos I need to put up :)

Btw I noticed that you uploaded the videos through google video and not youtube..didn't know that google video is still running..thought they replaced it with youtube a few months after they bought youtube. Is google video what blogger uses by default?

leng said...

Those bears were so awesome. They knew the shrieking kids were loving it because in the 10 minutes we were there, they didn't stop showing off those same moves... over and over again.

Actually I've used both and they seem the same to me. You have to cut and paste the embedded code for both. Did you notice anything different about the video quality?

Qing said...

Hey, he swims much better than me. I am so jealous.

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