Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holiday in Sardinia - Part 1

We left Milan on a Sunday afternoon to catch the ferry scheduled to depart at 10pm. It was only a 1.5 hour drive to the port in Genova. The sun was setting as we joined the queue of cars waiting to board the ferry.

Before long the ferry arrived and it was huge! We estimated about 800 cars waiting to board. We were directed up the ramp into the parking area in a fairly orderly way. The cars are packed so close that there was barely any space to move between the cars to get to the stairway.

We made sure to remember where we parked and then went to look for our seats. All the sleeping cabins were sold out when Stef had tried to buy tickets a month before. I was told that ferry tickets in August had to be purchased in March. It turned out the seats were pretty uncomfortable. No wonder most people opted for just the passage ticket instead. Everywhere you looked, you could see people spreading out their sleeping bags to settle in for the night. On the stairway, waiting areas, hallways... Someone even had an air mattress. It just looked much more comfortable than the seats we had to pay extra for. I vowed next time we would set up a small tent so we could sleep comfortably!

Ten hours later, I was rubbing my sleepy eyes as we pulled into the port of Olbia. We had arrived. It was 8am in the morning. We stopped to check in at our agriturismo in Luogosanto, and then left to visit the town of Santa Theresa on the north tip of the island.

I was amazed to see the clear and bright blue water of the sea at the rocky Capo Testa. Sardinia is known for it's exceptionally clear blue water. The weight of the sand sinks to the bottom leaving just crystal clear water.

We spent the afternoon napping at a sandy beach nearby. Not bad for our first day on the island!

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