Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kelly's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Kelly's birthday. It was a pretty busy Friday (I managed to sell off the Lazyboy I found in my garage!) so it was nice to just unwind and hang out with friends. Dinner was at the old Krung Thai on Winchester. Reservations was definitely a good idea. Service was good and once we ordered, the food came at an amazing speed. It's funny how people will complain when food takes too long to arrive, but then when it comes too quick you wonder how did they do it so quick. There were 10 of us and each ordered one dish. We had lots of variety... pad thai, pineapple fried rice, fishcake, todmun (sp?) salad, and a variety of curries. Yummy!

For dessert, Andy had picked up 2 cakes from Kelly's favorite bakery, Satura, in Los Altos. Both the chocolate and strawberry cakes were very good. Not too sweet, just perfect.

Then it was time to head over to Camino Karaoke in Santa Clara. Long and I stopped at Albertsons to load up some wine coolers and hard lemonade. We sneaked these in to help expedite the singing. ;-) We were there for about 2 hours. The girls - Jess, Gly, Kelly and I sang. We enjoyed Kelly's Chinese and Japanese songs. Fabio was a natural, of course. Ricky added his own funny sound effects. And Andy and Long were more into lip-syncing. haha. Fun night!

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andychin said...

Like I've said many times, I prefer karaoke in Shanghai. ;)

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